Ceramic Coating


Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle’s surface from chemical and UV degradation as well as offering a level of scratch resistance. When paired with Paint Protection Film, we can truly say, your vehicle has the ULTIMATE protection.

SET Protective Films x XPEL

SET Protective Films is an Accredited Installer for XPEL, the source for the most advanced ceramic coating around. We offer XPEL’s FUSION PLUS™ that not only prevents your vehicle from chemical stains, minimizes to remove swirl marks, and repels contaminants, but also adds showroom gloss and hydrophobic qualities with a single application.

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FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating feature

  • Protection from the Elements
  • Repels Water, Dirt  & Grime
  • Resists Stains & Chemical Etching
  • Improves Surface Clarity



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18-24 Months of Durability

EXO provides an extremely hydrophobic finish that makes water spots easy to remove and offers resistance to all wash chemicals, road salt, and micro-marring, going beyond all its predecessors. 

Durable, high gloss, and consistent, EXO film’s achieve a warm, perfect finish with a slow flash-off time and easy application.


60 Months of Durability

Despite being the prosumer version of one of the industries most innovative names, the Gtechniq Accredited Detailer Crystal Serum Light offers up to 80% professional performance in comparison to the higher end, professional application only, Serum Ultra. 

If you’re looking for gloss, durability, and swirl and chemical resistance in your paint protection, you can’t get any better than Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and Serum Light.


9 Years of Durability

The best of the best comes in the form of Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra. As a composite ceramic coating, Serum Ultra introduces the revolutionary 7nm nanoparticle to the existent 20 nm nanoparticle, through a two phase separation of soft (7h base layer) and hard components (10h top layer) to thicken and reinforce the top layer of the coating, while also offering chemical, weather, and swirl mark resistance. 

As a professional application only product, Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand the strongest wash chemicals, bird droppings, and whatever the road may bring.



Can it really prevent rock chips? Will it warp or shrink over time? What about visibility; would it hinder my view? Check out the frequently asked questions below, if they remain unanswered, feel free to contact us

What sort of maintenance do I need after getting Ceramic Coating?

Even though, when compared to traditional waxes and sealants, ceramic coating is exceptionally durable, Gtechniq has built an entire and fully compatible maintenance line of products (here) that have been tested for 100 wash cycles on EXO, C1, Crystal Serum Ultra, and Platinum without damage to the coatings.

Does Crystal Serum Ultra really last 9 years?

Yes!  In fact due to its chemical bonding mechanism, Crystal Serum Ultra, Crystal Serum Ultra Light, and C1 become the functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork.  In essence, they bond permanently to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Our stock answer to the question “how long does C1 or Crystal Serum Ultra last?” is that this is the wrong question.  The right question is how particular you are about your paintwork and how carefully you clean your paintwork.  If you are, like us, very fussy about swirls, etc. on your paintwork but at the same time have a poor wash technique then, even though Serum Ultra is highly and C1 is somewhat resistant to swirls, you may find that you will want your car to be repolished in a shorter period than someone who is less particular about swirls but uses a very good wash technique.

Does this coating peel or flake?

So long as you follow the post-application instructions then none of the ceramic coatings will ever peel or flake.

The water isn't beading on my vehicle anymore. Do I need to get this coating redone?

If water isn’t beading on your vehicle anymore, most likely the coating is contaminated. To remove all of the contaminants, a proper maintenance wash is needed using a pH balanced soap, iron remover, and a ceramic booster.

With EXO, does this mean all bird droppings will slide off my vehicle?

Gtechniq EXO is a top coat that improves the hydrophobicity and slickness of your paint. However, bird poop is acidic and can dry your paint. In this case, EXO will act as a sacrificial layer and a removal as soon as possible will be highly suggested.


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