Everything You Need To Know About Paint Protection Film

Everything You Need To Know About Paint Protection Film

There are a plethora of options on the market when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint finish. From cheaper options, such as waxes and sealants that last just a couple of months to a slightly more long-term solution, such as ceramic coatings that can last up to three years or more.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to take the proper steps and procedures to make sure your vehicle’s luscious and opulent shine doesn’t fade away to a dull and grimy finish in just a few years.

How Can You Protect Your Car’s Finish?

Yes, there exists a clear coat on top of your vehicle’s painted surface to protect the delicate paintwork against calamities like scratches, swirl marks, and even stone chips. Over the years, however, if left unprotected, this layer can wither away and leave your vehicle looking like an abandoned barn find.

That’s where your modern-day solutions, such as waxes and ceramic coatings come into play. These solutions form a thin protective layer over the clear coat and end up taking most of the abuse mother nature decides to throw in its way.

Though these aren’t exactly long-term or permanent solutions, they are limited in their capabilities when it comes to fending off stone chips and swirl marks, which not only makes your car look old and tatty, but dramatically decreases its resale value as well.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Enter Paint Protection Film (PPF) or clear bra as it is more commonly known in the United States. Think of PPF as a screen protector, not for your phone, but for your car. Clear Bra is an ultra-thin 8mil-12mil thick transparent layer of polyurethane, or polymer, that adheres to the surface of your vehicle’s paint and protects it against scratches, UV radiation, acid rain, oxidation, and a plethora of other unsightly atrocities.

Paint Protection Film Coverage

There are different types of PPF packages available depending on your budget and type of vehicle. Getting the entire body of the vehicle, down to the headlights and taillights, protected by a quality clear bra will give you that peace of mind when out on your daily commutes.

If you have a daily driver, it can make sense to get only the high-impact areas of your vehicle protected. This includes the entire front end, the side skirts, the lower doors, and the rear wheel arches. These are the high-impact areas that get inundated with tossed-up stones and all sorts of grime and gunk. Having PPF at these key areas can ensure your paintwork stays pristine for years to come.

What are the Different Types of Paint Protection Film?

However, not all paint protection films are made equal. If you plan on adding a clear bra to your vehicle, it’s best to go with a high-quality film. High quality film is backed by a warranty and won’t begin to peel off, haze, or turn yellow in just a few years or even a few months’ time. Some manufacturers such as STEK or SUNTEK will offer a 10-year limited warranty on their clear bras, so it’s well worth it to spend the extra money in getting a quality film.

Some companies will even offer their paint protection films with a self-healing top layer or even a hydrophobic layer. The self-healing PPF can automatically heal itself from light scratches and swirl marks through the magic of heat. Heat realigns the molecules of the PPF back into order and into a lower energy state. On the other hand, the hydrophobic coating will ensure water, rain, or any other liquid material simply glides off the paintwork and doesn’t leave hard spots on the paintwork.

What Kind of Paint Protection Film Finishes Can You Get?

You can even get clear bras with a glossy or matte finish. Not only would you be protecting your vehicle’s paint, but you’ll be adding a subtle degree of aesthetic flair at the same time. Matte clear bras are a great way to get a matte finish without having to deal with the headaches of maintaining an actual matte paint job.

Can You DIY Paint Protection Film?

Now you might think you’re pretty handy at installing your own screen protectors or just good with DIY projects in general and believe you can handle installing PPF on your vehicle all by yourself. We highly caution against it.

The advantage of getting it installed by a decent shop is that they won’t put their reputation on the line by using subpar film that starts to decompose in just a few months. With a professional installation, you’d be hard pressed to tell whether your vehicle has a layer of plastic installed on it at all! A quality film will have almost the same level of gloss and shine as a regular paint job and won’t begin to come apart at the seams or turn yellow as a cheaper alternative would. Additionally, if a specific area does get damaged and the paint protection film begins to tear, you can simply remove and reapply PPF to that specific panel, saving you time and money.

Protect Your Car At SET Protective Films

PPF might be the most expensive option out of all the modern-day protection products out on the market. However, it’s also the one that provides the greatest level of protection and gives you that peace of mind.

Clear Bras are notoriously difficult to install unless you have a considerable amount of experience with applying PPF. Save yourself the time and hassle by getting it professionally installed at SET Protective Films in Vaughan, Ontario.

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