Weekend Fishing with a Paint Protected and Tinted GR Corolla

Weekend Fishing with a Paint Protected and Tinted GR Corolla

This isn’t our first GR Corolla we’ve worked on, just the first one we are posting about on our blog since we are planning to post more blogs from here on out. So far our shop has worked on 6 GR Corollas with different specs and colours. We’ve done tint and PPF on the past ones and this one is receiving both tints and PPF.

The owner reached out to us on a whim a week prior to picking up his vehicle to schedule in a Track PPF and 35% ceramic window tint for his GR Four. So far it seems like more of these vehicles are being delivered without much markup as we’ve seen more on the road and had 3 stop by just this year already(its only February). Our client did mention that a previous dealership he trusted, held his deposit for 1.5 years and when it was finally time to pick up, it was spec’d with options that he couldn’t say no to, so he decided to go to a different dealership and avoid the BS.

With this GR Corolla, the Track package includes the full front bumper, headlights, fenders, hood, a-pillar, roof line, rocker panel, and rear rocker region. The rear rocker region isn’t applicable to every vehicle, but the GR Corolla has a pattern for this area from Xpel.

For every vehicle that comes in for PPF, we do a full car decontamination. You might be wondering why it receives a full car or question why just a full-front PPF would get the full car treatment, this is because we want to eliminate any chance of dirt from entering the areas we are working on. Sure we won’t really touch the roof or be around the back of the vehicle, but there’s always a chance our shirt might swipe on it, or water  from the roof drain might end up trickling down to the fenders. We want to eliminate the chances of anything going wrong to a minimum.

Toyota GR Corolla getting a paint protection film

Now once the car is washed and dried, our first panel for PPF is usually the hood. We apply a little primer glue on sharp corners and edges typically to help ensure the Paint Protection Film gets a good grip and sticks to the edge as much as possible.

Black Hood with imperfections

During the cleaning process of this hood, we did notice a dust embedded in the paint of the hood. It’s minor but to get it fixed would require a body shop to sand down and possibly repaint and polish. One thing we always remind our customers is that there is no perfect install for Clear bra or  Window tint. We try our best to get to a near perfect 99% finish, but cannot guarantee 100%. Occasionally you will find a spec of dust or lint under the PPF and thats not something we can avoid with every install. As you can see, even paint jobs from Toyota’s manufacturing plant cannot be perfect, let alone our shop. We try our very best with every install and want you to remember that Paint protection film is a protective film. Its job is to protect the vehicle’s paint from stone chips and scratches, and a dust spec is not going to harm the paint or ruin the film’s installation.

Hood Paint protection

GR Corolla Hood Paint Protection

After installing the hood, we did notice a weird indentation on the right side of the hood. Speaking with our Sales rep, we found that the tape holding the roll of PPF together was the culprit to this marking. Again this was not something we could avoid, but we did have the option to remove the whole hood and have it covered under warranty from Xpel.

When it was time to do the rocker panel, we knew this was going to take a little more time due to the GR-Four logo underneath the rear doors. Since the letters are molded inwards, we have to make sure the PPF aligns around the letters first before squeegeeing the rest of the rocker panel down. Those of you who own a GR Corolla or are knowledgable of it, could you please explain why it says GR Four on the rocker? Is it referring to 4-Wheel Drive or 4 cylinders? Or is it both.

Finally, we applied a 35% ceramic window tint all around the car. 35% is the legal limit and it honestly does a very good job increasing the privacy of the rear hatch glass.

We love working on brand new vehicles that come straight from the dealership. This means there’s less dirt and likely no stone chips on the high-impact areas of the car. We always try to tell our customers to come straight from the dealership with their vehicles as this ensures their paint stays in pristine condition. We also love enthusiast cars like this GR Corolla. We are car guys and can appreciate a 400hp 4-cylinder hot hatch like this anytime. The customer was extremely happy with the outcome of the PPF. He says the car is even shinier than when he picked it up a few days ago. Since the owner lives in downtown Toronto, he mostly only drives the vehicle on the weekends when he goes far distances to go fishing, and we couldn’t agree more that this car is perfect for a metropolitan resident that loves fishing on the weekends.

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