10 Things To Look For In A Quality Window Tinting Installation

10 Things To Look For In A Quality Window Tinting Installation

When choosing quality window tinting, the many options on the market may overwhelm you.¬† Your auto window tint should protect you from harmful UV rays, offer privacy, protect your car interior from sun damage, and spruce up your car’s look.

However, not all tints are the same quality. Besides, you may purchase the best tint film, but if you do not use a professional installer, the tint work may look sub-par. Here are 5 things to look for in a quality window tinting installation.

1. Uniform Finishing

Even if you are tinting your windows for the first time, you should notice a uniform finishing effortlessly. The best place to look for traces of non-uniformity is the window edges.

If the tint finishing is uniform, there should be no gaps between the window edges and the tint film trimming. The tint film should cover the entire window uniformly without leaving uncovered edges.

2. Faultless Finish at the Dot Matrix

The dot matrix is the textured surface on the front of your windshield. It is designed to help the shade band stick, but it can pose a challenge when fixing your tinting film.

If your installer is qualified and experienced, they will know how to fix the tint film for a faultless finish. However, an unskilled installer will struggle, and you may notice uneven surfaces on the windshield. This will not only look unpleasant, but it may also interfere with your clear view.

3. Flawless, Uniform Sticking 

Your quality window tinting installation should stick seamlessly and uniformly without forming bubbles. Bubbling indicates poor artistry and leaves the tint looking unattractive. Besides, tiny bubbles enlarge with time, causing the tint film to degenerate prematurely.

Sometimes the bubbles form when the surface is not adequately prepared to receive the film. Dirt particles will create bubbling and an uneven texture on the tint film. The bubbles may also form if you use poor-quality adhesives or if the installer is inexperienced.

4. No Opening at Defroster Wires

Defroster wires on your rear window are not easy to maneuver without leaving an opening around them. Quality tint installation leaves no gaps.

If an opening is left on the defroster wires, the air gets in to form bubbles that can cause the tint film to peel. Hire a professional window tint installer to help you cover the entire rear window without leaving openings on the defroster wires.

5. No Purpling

A purplish hue on your windows would spoil the flashy look of your ride. After spending so much on your car, ensuring its paintwork and interiors are excellent, you want to ensure the tint work lives up to the same standards.

If the film is of inferior quality, expect it to begin purpling after a while.  When the tint film is exposed to UV light, it may develop a purple hue, especially if you selected a low-quality tinting film. A clear film that remains clear longer indicates you used a high-quality tint film.

6. No Unnecessary Cutouts

Even with your tint, you will still need to display government-required stickers. A quality tint installation leaves room for this without requiring cutouts on the film.

If you want to make a cutout on the film to create an opening for your stickers, you may not know the right size to cut since stickers may differ in size. The cutout may leave gaps from which the film begins to tear.

Professional installers avoid making unnecessary cutouts on the film by applying clear film on the areas where the stickers should be displayed.

7. Uniform Tint Clarity

A quality tint installation will leave you with uniform tint clarity. This is a result of quality materials, the right application tools, and professional workmanship. You can only achieve this by consulting and contracting an expert tinter.

A quality tint installation adds glamour to your car. With uniformity and a homogenously high-quality tint installation, you will notice more approving gazes as your peers and passersby admire the tint work on your ride.

8. Expected Results

When embarking on your tint installation project, you want to achieve the best results. These could be protecting your car’s interior from prying eyes, blocking UV lights, or reducing sun damage on your car’s interior.

Quality window tint installation should meet your expectation and perform as you want it to. Besides, your tint work should blend with the entire quality artisanship you have invested in for your car. If you have invested in stunning paint, ceramic paint protection, and a cozy interior, the tint installation should maintain the same high standards.

9. Durability

You do not want to tint your ride only for the tint work to wear and tear prematurely. A quality installation will give you perfect tint work, spruce up your ride and stay in excellent shape for longer.

Your tint may be exposed to the sun for the better part of the day. However, it should not fade even when you leave the car in the open for long. Your tint installation expert should advise you on the best fade-resistant and resilient tinting film to withstand sun glares.

This will save you money since you will not need to redo the tint frequently. It will also keep your car interior in good condition as it protects it from sun and UV light damage.

10. Quality Tint Installation Should meet Legal Requirements

Window tint percentage laws spell out the amount of light your tint should let into your car. Ensure you comply with the laws in your area to protect you from getting from the wrong side of the law after installing your window tints. Since these laws differ from place to place, familiarize yourself with window tint requirements in your area and comply with them.

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